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The World Market for Mass Flow Controllers

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A New Market Study from Flow Research - Published in July 2008

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Flow Research has completed a new market study on the worldwide mass flow controller market.  The study determines the size of the mass flow controller (MFC) market.  In addition, forecasts through 2012 are included. The study was published in July 2008.


The study has multiple purposes:


        To determine market size and market shares for mass flow controllers in 2007.

        To forecast market growth for mass flow controllers through 2012.

        To identify industries and applications for mass flow controllers, and to identify growth areas.

        To provide strategies to manufacturers for selling into the MFC market..

        To provide company profiles of the main suppliers of mass flow controllers.


The study divides the market into the following regions:

        North America



        Asia without Japan

        Rest of World


Mass flow controllers are used in many industries.  We have explored the following industries and applications where MFCs are used:






        Electronics Manufacturing

       Fiber Optics/Glass


        Fuel Cells


        Gas Analyzers

        Gas Distribution  

        Heat Treating


        Metals Processing





What's Inside this Study?

  • Dollars and units for the mass flow controller market in 2007 worldwide and by region

  • Market shares for MFC suppliers

  • A forecast of market growth for mass flow controllers through 2012

  • A product analysis for the main companies selling into the MFC market

  • Strategies for suppliers for selling into the MFC market

  • Company profiles of the main suppliers of mass flow controllers


The drive for alternative energy will fuel the use of mass flow controllers in industrial markets



The industrial and lab/research markets are made up of a wide variety of industrial segments.  Some of these, such as automotive and aerospace, are going through difficult times, due to rising energy costs.  Others, such as fuel cells and power, are thriving, due to the search for alternative energy sources.  The need to find alternative energy sources will drive additional research and development in the foreseeable future.  Mass flow controllers will benefit from these industrial segments, as they are used to measure and control gas flows in these segments.



End-users will opt for the automation provided by mass flow controllers in cases where they currently have manual or non-electronic systems



In some cases, gas flow is measured and controlled using a combination of a variable area flowmeter and needle valve.  While some variable area flowmeters have been developed with an output signal, the majority of these flowmeters still need to be read manually.  In many cases, the needle valve is adjusted manually.


The trend today is toward the automation provided by mass flow controllers, as opposed to the lower accuracy of variable area flowmeters. 

End-users are looking for the higher accuracy of mass flow controllers, and they are also looking to automate their gas measurement and control systems when this is possible.  Mass flow controllers will benefit from this trend towards automation.



The emerging markets, including China and India , will continue to show growth, driving demand



The economies of China , India , and other emerging markets in Asia and elsewhere are continuing to grow at a rapid pace.  Even if these economies are affected by a global slowdown, their continued population growth will result in demand growth in a variety of industrial segments, including energy consumption, food/beverage, automotive, power, and other.  China and India will also be a source for continued demand for computers and semiconductor products.  All these forces will work towards increased use of mass flow controllers over the forecast period.



Flow Research is publishing a series of sixteen studies that include all types of flowmeters.  Information about these studies is at http://www.flowresearch.com/flow.htm.  These studies should be of special interest to any manufacturer of flowmeters, and to users and specifiers of all types of flowmeters.



To order the MFC study, contact Flow Research by email at  jesse@flowresearch.com, or call Flow Research at 781-245-3200. In the United States, call toll free at (800) 245-1799. Or, use our handy Order Form. 





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